Spelling the short vowel sounds: e, ea, o or u?

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Think back - help with spelling rules The short vowels are those you hear at the start of these words:
Spell alligator Spell elephant Spell insect Spell octopus Spell umbrella
alligator elephant insect octopus umbrella

Dictionaries that show you how to pronounce words often use a small curly mark (called a 'breve') above the short vowels:

ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ

Most of the time we use just one letter to spell the short vowel sounds. This unit shows you which words need another letter.

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e - e, ea
page 8

i - i, y
page 12

o - o, wa, qua
page 16

u - u, o, oo, ou and the 'schwa' sound

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Unit 6: Spelling the short vowel sounds

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