Words ending with que

mosque que letters on the end of a word

In French the letters que make the sound /k/at the end of the word:

Rhyming words 1:

Rhyming words 2:
  picturesque grotesque burlesque      

Other words:
cheque (US spelling: check)

Learn the words:
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Test yourself on spelling the -que words.

Work out the missing letters and type the whole word.

Remember the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' method of learning: once you start the test the words above will be hidden.


Type in the whole word

A place of worship for Muslims: m______
Pretty as a picture: pictur______
Old and perhaps valuable: an______
The only one of its kind: un______
Horrific to look at, ugly: gro______
A method, an art or a skill: tech______


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