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Idioms for Autumn

With the sun setting earlier, the leaves changing colour, and a slight chill in the air, we’re ready to start slowing down and enjoying cosy evenings in with hot drinks and blankets. Here are twenty idioms for the autumn season:

  1. a bad apple – a bad influence/someone who brings trouble
  2. apple of (someone’s) eye – the person someone most loves/cherishes/admires
  3. can’t see the wood for the trees – unable to grasp the main issue/wider picture due to being too focused on specific details
  4. lost in the mists of time – long forgotten
  5. neck of the woods – a particular area/neighbourhood
  6. old chestnut – a story/joke made tedious by repetition
  7. out of the woods – out of danger
  8. out on a limb – isolated/unsupported
  9. raining cats and dogs – raining heavily
  10. shaking like a leaf – trembling (usually with fear)
  11. the apple never falls far from the tree – important family traits are usually inherited
  12. the autumn years – the later years of life
  13. to bark up the wrong tree – to follow the wrong line of thought/to make a false assumption or mistake/to completely misunderstand something
  14. to be nuts about someone/something – to really like someone/something
  15. to drive someone nuts – to excessively annoy someone/to make someone feel crazy
  16. to get wind of something – to hear a rumour about something
  17. to save for a rainy day – to save for a future time when money might be scarce to squirrel away – to hide something of value in a safe place
  18. to turn over a new leaf – to begin to behave in a more responsible manner
  19. under the weather – ill/unwell

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24 Oct 2018
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